Start Dress Shopping ASAP If…

You Want a Custom Dress Made

Sarah’s Bridal Gallery in Mt. Pleasant is able to customize many of our gown designs, this is another reason we choose our designers very carefully. Sarah’s Bridal Gallery is able to create your dream dress in a timely manner. Though, to be on the safe side, it is important that you begin shopping as soon as possible so that you can make sure that we have the proper fabrics and materials needed so that your dress arrives in time. This also provides a cushion for shipping as well. One less thing to worry about and of course, a peace of mind.

Your Wedding is Less than 12 Months Away

Because Sarah’s Bridal Gallery works so closely with our designers, our communication with them are seamless. Now that doesn’t mean you can order your dress and it will be here in a snap of a finger, but it’s important to understand that dresses take time to be constructed. If you’re looking to get married within months of getting engaged, your dress options are slimmer as it’s harder to request custom details like train length or beading, but can be doable at Sarah’s Bridal Gallery within limitation. You can always go on a hunt at a sample sale and find something with some details that you do love. With a bit of alterations, your dress will be ready in no time.

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